How 17-year-old Borno Girl Became Terrorists’ Wife

Amina was 17 when Boko Haram terrorists kidnapped her from Chad, a neighbouring country she and her mother fled to after escaping a military invasion.

They were displaced by an unscrupulous military invasion in Bama, a town in Borno State which was then under the control of Boko Haram jihadists. She would later regain her freedom at 25 after giving birth to three children, sired by different Boko Haram fathers.

As narrated in HumAngle’s weekly local podcast [Birbishin Rikici], Amina’s mother fled to Chad after her daughter was whisked away by the terrorists.

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Amina was taken to Sambisa forest and kept with some girls of her age. Therein, they were sexually assaulted by their abductors.

Among them was a seven-year-old girl who was serially raped until she could not walk again. A few months later, Amina was married to her abductor and became famous in the terrorists’ camp.

He would later turn into a messiah for Amina. She told HumAngle her husband treated her well until he was killed [by his senior colleagues] for marrying another girl without their consent. She had a son from the marriage.

Amina recounted the good time she had with her deceased husband. She would prepare breakfast for him and her son before leaving for Islamiyah where she learned the weird doctrines of the terror group.

At the Islamiyah, the terrorists told them not to think of escaping to Nigeria which they described as an infidel country.

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But her second marriage was hellish.

She was married to another terrorist after mourning her deceased husband. Amina said her second husband often beat and starve her, especially when she was on her menstrual period.

At one point, Amina tried to escape, but she was caught. She was locked up in a wood-made prison [for 15 days] where she saw other women die. She recalled when a pregnant who was imprisoned died with her foetus inside her belly.

Finally, Amina was lucky to find an escape route back to Chad where she met her grieving mother.


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