How Delay in Palliatives Distribution Frustrates Benue Residents

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in his inaugural speech on May 29, 2023, made a speech that was filled with promises and pronouncements amidst the dwindling economy and the rise of the Naira against the US Dollar. Notably, he said, “fuel subsidy is gone”.

Immediately after the pronouncement, sellers of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) across the country reacted with an increase in the price of the product, which has affected different sectors of the economy, including the livelihood of the people, with the cost of living becoming more expensive.

Consequently, the federal government pledged the release of N5 billion in loans to all the states of the federation to mitigate the hardship caused by the removal, with N2 billion already released to all the states.

Against all efforts, the Benue State residents continued to struggle as there were no signs of palliative distribution to a resident, which would have gone a long way, according to Comfort Liam, 52, a mother of four.

ANALYSIS: N2bn Palliative, Each Bauchi Citizen Gets N306

She explained how it has been difficult to care for four children through her pure water and soft drink business.

“The major issue I have is how the patronage of my business has been low. I sell soft drinks here unfortunately the price of transport has gone up If they pay for transport, it is always difficult to spare more money to buy my product some days I make a profit of less than N500 against the N1000 or N2000 profit I used to make.”


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Comfort, who lamented the delay in the distribution of the palliatives by the government, explained how she has felt like it is a failed promise already as hunger is gradually crippling her home.

“It has been difficult to survive in the past few months I must say that God is the one helping me and my family, If the palliative is given, money or food, my family will benefit largely from it.”

Palliatives: Bauchi Govt Procures N2bn Rice

Lydia Adaikwu 62, a resident of Oju Local Government has been struggling with her children’s transport to school, noted that the impact of the subsidy removal has left her with no option. “It has been tough for the past month. Before now, my children and I comfortably ate at least three times a day. I can tell you now that eating two times a day has been a challenge for us.”

The sexagenarian blamed her family’s idea of skipping meals on the cost of food in the market. “The cost of food in the market has gone up by almost 50%. We used to buy rice for N500 but now the lowest you can get is N1000. It is pathetic that my family can’t even afford a three-square meal anymore. Imagine that I have to sometimes skip a meal in order to manage what we have.”

Daniel Terna, a wheelbarrow pusher, 34, who survives on his 500-100 naira daily business, explained that he has never found it funny as the patronage for his business has reduced with the high cost of food in the market. “All I can say now is that it has not been easy; the patronage for this business has gone down, and feeding is even a problem.


Daniel kept his hope high as he complained of the delay in the distribution of palliative by the state government.

Daniel Terna, a wheelbarrow pusher

“I hope that the palliative they keep talking about gets to me because it will save my life. For now, it has not been easy. A plate of food has an added price. Everything has increased. We need government intervention at this point.”


During the distribution of relief materials to the victims of the 2022 flood in the state in August governor Hycient Alia confirmed receiving N2bilion naira palliatives fund.

He promised the provision of rice in large quantities to all the local governments in the state.

Alia also promised the provision of shuttle busses in the three major towns of the state which has not been done when filling this report. He promised the purchase of 100 buses for the state-owned Benue Links among several other promises.

From the listed promises WikkiTimes Learnt that the state government was yet to implement any of the promises as residents who interacted with WikkiTimes denied benefiting from any of the listed incentives


The information officer of the Benue State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Charity Agber confirmed the delivery of the purchase of palliatives to her office as she noted that there were no plans for the distribution yet.

“The palliatives are in Benue State already but the governor has not given directives on how they should be distributed.”

WikiTimes learned that Nassarwa state has so far distributed palliatives in the northern central of the country with officials of the state allegedly diverting some of the palliative for their gains.


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