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‘How Do I Forgive Him?’ — Abuja Man Accused of Attempting to Kidnap Friend’s Brother Spent 3 Days in Police Detention

Kabbah, as simply identified, has detailed how he spent three days in police custody over accusations that he wanted to kidnap his friend’s brother.

As seen in a Twitter post, Kabbah doubts if he could forgive his friend who ensured he was incarcerated and going without food for three days.

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“How do you expect me to forgive someone that planned for my arrest? I spent 3 days in Anti kidnapping station without eating food, slept in a cell with kidnappers, Bandits and Boko haram members. I was accused of planning to kidnap my friend Brother who is a neighbor to us.

“I can forgive everyone in this world no matter how bad they did to me, but Wallahi tallahi I’ll never forgive my friend Mustapha for what he did to me. I hate him so much that anytime I see his face I regret knowing him. I will continue to hate him for the rest of my life,” he tweeted.


Sometime last year, Kabbah claimed he was accosted by some security operatives in Abuja who claimed to be officials of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and wanted to know what his friend’s brother does for a living. 

“I was just trying to help them but I ended up in trouble,” Kabbah said, referring to his friend’s family. “On 22 August 2021, I visited my mother because I stayed with my sister. Around 9:00 pm, I told my mother I was going home. We did sallama. On my way to the street to get Keke napep, 3 people dressed as security personnel stopped me.”

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He added: “I was afraid, but they told me to calm down because they just wanted to ask me a few questions. They claimed to be EFCC, but still, I was not comfortable with them because of the way they approached me. They asked me if I knew about a business our neighbour was involved in; Mustapha’s brother, apart from a bureau de change. I told them I have no idea. They offer me money if I tell them anything I know, but I told them I don’t know anything. They collected my phone number. They told me they will call me with a private number.”


Kabbah claimed he met Mustapha (his friend) and narrated his encounter with the security operatives. But there was distrust, WikkiTimes understands.

Mustapha would call his brother to inform him but he changed the narrative, Kabbah claimed.

He said: “He told his brother that they called me on the phone and also offered me 100k if I tell them anything I know. When Mustapha dropped the phone, I said to him that’s not what I told you. I didn’t tell you they called me or mentioned any amount to me.

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“He said he did that so that his brother would take it seriously. After 10 minutes another Mustapha’s brother came and asked me not to tell anyone what happened. They all thanked me.”


The following day, Kabba was contacted by Mustapha and his brother, convincing him to visit the Police Division at Zone 1, Abuja, to write a statement on his encounter with the security operatives.

Upon arrival, he said he was detained and it turned out to be a trap. The Police, he added,  accused him of being a suspect of attempted kidnap. 

“The following day Mustapha called me on phone and told me that his brother said I should go to Zone 1 division to write a statement about what happened and they assured me that I will come back.

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“I took myself to Zone 1, without telling my relatives. When I reached there the story changed. The police said I’m the suspect, I should list the people we are planning this kidnapping with.

“I was shocked. I keep saying innalillahi wa inna illahi raji’un. After 1 hour, I was sent to the Anti kidnapping division. They turned off my phone so that no one could know my location. Mustapha and his brothers came to the division.

“The police officer asked me what happened in front of Mustapha and his brothers, I told the police exactly what happened. But Mustapha told the police officer that’s not true. Mustapha continues saying people also suspect me as Yahoo yahoo boy in my area while it’s not true,” he explained.

Attempts to get more details from the victims failed as he declined to make further comments. He said his family urged him to leave everything to God. Also, efforts to reach Abuja Police Command did not yield results as a text sent to Josephine Adeh, the command’s spokesperson had not been responded to as of press time.


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