Inside Bauchi PHC Where 2 Staff Serve Hundreds Of Residents Without Medical Equipment

The dearth of health workers and medical equipment at the Primary Healthcare Centre in Tafazuwa Community under Ganjuwa Local Government Area of Bauchi State worsens healthcare delivery for the residents.

The present administration had repeatedly claimed to have robustly invested in healthcare service, but WikkiTimes understands many rural communities are still left in their shadows.

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Abdul Hassan, a health worker at the PHC in Tafazuwa community explained that the conditions of health care institutions especially in rural communities are deplorable, “despite government’s claims of pumping money into the sector.”

Abdul spoke to MAWA, a public accountability organisation during its visit to the facility.

MAWA discovered that the people of the community suffer quality health care as a result of the despicable situation of the only health centre in the area.

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The health centre, according to the pro-accountability organisation, has only three beds with no medical equipment to function.

In addition, it was gathered that only two staff attend to hundreds of patients who have no alternative but to visit the dilapidated health centre.

According to the report, despite high expectations of the community on its health centre, it keeps deteriorating as there is no hope of overhauling in sight.


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