Kannywood Campaigns against Banditry, Terrorism

Kannywood actors and actresses in a short audio-visual campaign, decried the spate of terroism and criminal activities ravaging the northern part of the country.

Some of the entertainers who played captive roles in the staged video confronted their colleagues who were depicted as gun-wielding terrorists.

One of the characters, Tahir Fagge, decried the loss of lives and properties taking a toll on northerners for over a decade.


“You have denied people of their freedom and privileges, especially the locals,” he bemoaned. “People have fled their homes and farms, you have reduced those victims to street beggars.”

Social media users, while applauding the effort by the artists, also clamored for an end to the nagging atrocity. 

“The only good and the best message that Kannywood actors have ever sent to the world so far, how many retweets for this pls,” a user tweeted. 

Northern Nigeria has become highly prone to terrorism and banditry activities owing to numerous factors including bad governance, poverty, arms and weapons trafficking.

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