Katagum Farmer Writes BAHA Over LG Chairman, Ward Head’s Attempt To Seize Farmland

One Abubakar Adamu Ragwam, a farmer from Katagum local government area of Bauchi State, has submitted a petition against the Chairman of the local government and a Ward Head following their complacency in a move to deprive him and his family of farmland they inherited from their father.

He attached documents proving the ownership right of his family over the contentious franchise and listed Alhaji Audu Kuda Chairman of Katagum local government, Abubakar Bappa Village Head of Ragwam, Madara District as defendants in the entreaty.

Hon Bala Ali, Chairman Bauchi State House of Assembly’s Committee on petitions, presented the letter of the complainant before the House during its session presided over by the Speaker Hon Abubakar Sulaiman on Thursday.

Hon Bala told the House that the petitioner and his family inherited the land from their father Alhaji Adamu Madara and have been using the land for farming activities since the demise of their Father.

He said that the Head of Agriculture of Katagum local government served Abubakar Ragwam and his family a notice demanding them to stay away from using the purported farmland a move the petitioner alleged that was carried out on the instruction of the head of the local government in connivance with the village head of Ragwam.

The House refer the letter to its committee on petition and Lands and issued a timeframe of three weeks for the committee to report to the House on the matter.


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