Lady ‘Sustains’ Eye Injury After Fixing Eyelash Extension

An unnamed lady reportedly sustained an injury in her eyes after applying glue to fix eyelash extension.

As contained in a Twitter post by Doctor Penking, the lady almost went blind as a result of the incident. According to him, her eyes had to be flushed and she would not go blind because she did not fall asleep.

“For Ladies who wear ‘Lashes’, be careful of the glue they use on you, and make sure you’re not allergic to it,” he tweeted. “They had to flush her eyes out 4X. If she had slept, she would have woken up blind. It was not the normal glue she uses but a new glue. Stay safe.” 

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According to Healthline, eyelash extensions are single lashes a professional cosmetologist or esthetician places on your eyelashes one at a time. The lashes are made of natural materials (such as silk or mink) or synthetic, plastic fibres.

People react differently to chemicals. The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology recommends never using adhesives that contain formaldehyde, a potentially toxic irritant.

Some of the other ingredients can also irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions. If you’re new to eyelash extensions or have sensitive skin or allergies.

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Getting eyelash extensions involves a detail-oriented process. It can take hours to complete. The eye being worked on needs to remain closed and as motionless as possible during the procedure.

Each lash is attached to one of your individual eyelashes with surgical glue made to withstand water, sweat, and oil.



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