Mariam Bala Mohammed: Symbol of Hope For Girl Child Education in Bauchi

Her Excellency, Hajiya Mariam Bala Abdulkadir, wife of Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed the Executive Governor of Bauchi State, has been making a headway success when it comes to the promotion of girlchild education in Bauchi State.

Being a well-educated woman and one who knows what education can do to a woman, Her Excellency Hajiya Mariam Bala Abdulkadir, met several girls in their classes and homes to ginger them to embrace education to enable them to lift themselves from the murky waters of today’s challenges facing girls all over the country.

It is against this backdrop that she took the girl child education campaign to Kofar Nasarawa Primary school in style with a long time impacts on the girls she met in their classes.

Her Excellency took ample time to mentor the girls to set everything aside while concentrating on the pursuit of education to better their lives and the general wellbeing of women in the state and Nigeria as a whole.

She donated books and other categories of writing materials to the pupils numbering over 9,000 with the view to create an enabling playing field for teaching and learning in the school.

In a typical class learning situation, writing is not just limited to students but their teachers need to write notes for them on the board to copy meaning that they need writing tools to execute their chores too.

Drawing from the above scenario, Her Excellency Hajiya Mariam Bala Abdulkadir wife of Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, donates writing materials in the form of chalks and long notes books to the teachers as she did to their students.

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Besides, Hajiya Mariam Bala Abdulkadir vowed to produce sitting materials to accommodate the pupils according to International standards.

Having done, Her Excellency, Hajiya Mariam Bala Abdulkadir has endeared herself and the ideals of the administration of Governor’ Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed bordering on the provision of a sustained qualitative education to Bauchi girls.

Kamal Idris writes from Bauchi


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