Media Rights Agenda Tells Nigerian Govt to Ensure Media Freedom

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, the Media Rights Agenda (MRA) urged the Nigerian government to ensure adequate protection for media freedom in law and in practice.

The rights group says relentless attacks on the media over the years had also undermined the general human rights protection for all Nigerians, democracy and sustainable development in the country.

In a statement signed by its Communication Officer, Idowu Adewale, MRA says strengthening the right to freedom of expression is critical in driving all other human rights.

MRA’s Programme Director, Ayode Longe, was quoted saying the enormous duty imposed on the media by the Constitution, particularly Section 22, which requires the media sector to ensure that the Government lives up to its responsibilities to the people and to hold the Government accountable, the failure to provide adequate protection for the media was impeding its ability to perform these functions upon which good governance, democracy and sustainable development in Nigeria depend.

“The clear evidence before us is that no other sector of the Nigerian society has faced such relentless attacks for decades as the media sector has had to endure,” he said. “By placing the responsibility of policing a powerful institution like the Government on the media without adequate or commensurate protections, the media has been made a target for attacks by all corrupt or incompetent government officials seeking to hide their misdeeds or mistakes.”

Observing that this year’s World Press Freedom Day is being commemorated with the theme: ‘Shaping a future of rights: Freedom of Expression as a driver for all other human rights‘, Longe said: “It is only in an environment where freedom of expression is adequately protected and respected that citizens can have the confidence to engage in public discourse; criticize government policies and officials; make meaningful contributions to policies; advocate for their own rights as well as the rights of others.”

MRA also called on the incoming administration of president-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu to make a commitment to protect media freedom and to do so by, among other things, reviewing and amending existing laws and regulations to ensure they provide robust legal protections for freedom of expression, in conformity with international standards; taking steps to ensure the safety of journalists, offline and online, as well as by investigating and prosecuting attacks on journalists and holding perpetrators accountable

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