Neglected Abuja Community Where Access To Water Is Seasonal

Residents of Dapa community in Kwali Council Area of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja have no access to clean water. They drink from a filthy pond as seen in visuals obtained by WikkiTimes.

According to Tracka, the community harbours over 1200 residents who only get access to water during rainy seasons.

“Over 1200 residents in Dapa community in Kwali Area Council, FCT have no access to water,” Tracka tweeted. “This is the ‘cleanest’ water they drink and consume, and it is only available during the rainy season.”

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However, tweeps who commented, opined that such a scenario remains the leading cause of open defecation in FCT.

“People do not have access to clean drinking water yet many wonder why open defecation is the rule in Abuja,” a tweep commented, asking: “How many water treatment plants are there in Abuja? Where does the waste go?”

“If a place in Abuja still lacks the basic amenity of life and a fundamental human right, how would other parts of the nation be given importance? This is shameful…,” another tweep, John Oluwayomi Openibo tweeted.

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John Abiri, another user, tweeted: “This is thought-provoking! Where is the federal ministry of water resources in Nigeria? Doing wrong things at the right time. May God save us from this political calamity.”

Nonetheless, Tracka tagged Dr Ramatu Tijani Aliyu, the Minister of State FCT, Abuja and other concerned authorities, asking, “Is there a reason why many communities in FCT do not have access to clean water?”


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