Residents in Niger State Protest Over Soaring Living Costs

Residents of Minna, the capital of Niger state, have on Monday taken to the streets of the town to protest the surging cost of living in Nigeria.

The protest comprised women and youth, marked by chants and the blockading of major roads in the city, to show their grievances over the inflated prices of goods as a result of the removal of fuel subsidies.

Some of the protesters cited the excessively high prices of goods, expressing discontent with what they perceived as a lack of government intervention to alleviate their suffering.

The Hausa version of BBC reported that the protesters barricaded some of the main roads in the city, calling on authorities to address issues affecting especially the less privileged people.

I Removed Fuel Subsidy to Save Nigeria From Fiscal Catastrophe, Says Tinubu in New Year Message

Security forces, notably the police, maintained a watchful eye on the unfolding events.

While addressing the procession, the Deputy Governor of the State Yakubu Garba assured them that the government was actively pursuing measures to ease the hardship and offset the impacts resulting from the removal of oil subsidies.

WikkiTimes recalls that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu announced the removal of decades-long fuel subsidies during his inaugural presentation shortly after taking an oath of office.

The removal has, however, impacted profoundly on the prices of goods across markets, making it harder for locals to access daily meals and to other essential needs.

The presidency insisted that the removal was the last option for the ailing Nigeria’s economy.


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