Three Months After Failed Transaction, Zenith Bank Hasn’t Refund Customer’s N50,000

Japhet Solomon Awulo, a Taraba-based Civil Engineer, said Zenith Bank has been withholding his N50,000 three months after a failed transaction via Quickteller.

The engineer told WikkiTimes he initiated the transaction in February. He had tried to credit his wife’s First City Monument Bank (FCMB) account with N50,000 when the glitch occurred. 

A screenshot of the debit alert

“I did a transfer of N50,000.00 on February 23 to my wife’s account of FCMB through Quickteller, but it failed,” he recalled. “But Zenith Bank debited me, I complained to Quickteller and they confirmed it was a failed transaction.”

A screenshot of response from Quickteller

“I lodged a complaint severally to Zenith Bank and showed all the evidence required but they only promised to resolve my problem,” Awulo told WikkiTimes.

The bank told him the glitch would be rectified within 48-72 hours. Three months later, it has not been resolved.

The engineer said he also visited a local branch of the bank in his community, but his efforts were fruitless.

“I went to my local Branch in Takum town in Taraba state and documented a complaint in a form two weeks ago but my money has not been refunded,” Awulo said, adding he recently called out the bank on Twitter.

He mumbled that Zenith Bank has always been insensitive to the plight of its customers. According to the engineer, he regretted banking with Zenith.

Zenith did not immediately respond to an email sent by WikkiTimes. Also, an email sent to the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) had not been responded to at press time.


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