Ummita’s Murder: A Lesson For Parents, Daughters

By Adamu Yalwa Gabi

In recent years, cases of gruesome murders or unwanted killings among couples and lovers of different sex nor the prohibited gay or lesbianism types of relationships which the country’s authorities do not legalise had become alarming and to some extent worrisome if not unquantifiable as the scene which in the past rarely occurred in our midst but now getting out of hands day in day out thereby igniting so many questions that remain unanswered or given an unfavourable feedback mechanism with some basis of personal deviation from the households and even in the public domain.

One among the few was the 2017 case study of Maryam Sanda who willingly or unintentionally stabbed her biological husband to death Bilyaminu Bello, the son of a prominent politician and former minister of defence Bello Mohammed Halliru according to different versions of her reasons for engaging in the calamity that yielded her stay in prison custody before the final court of Appeal’s ruling sentencing her to death by hanging which many of us had since taken our eyes off the scene.

Shortly after the emergence of that ugly trend in 2017, hardly you turn on your television, radio set or get a copy of any national daily without coming across the topic on both the local and foreign broadcast or electronic media, making it to be the major headlines because of the unusual nature of the said story been a burning issue which by now I may not be wrong to say the same incidence a stake had somehow been buried into a shallow grave if not for the history because of our failure to follow up such a report to a final conclusion, probably due to a point I will leave undisclosed but fully understood by my colleagues who are regarded as the watchdog of the society.

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The trending story that is now going viral on social media neither has a standard professional editorial architecture nor has a genuine source to ascertain the exact picture of the devilish act committed by the Chinese Nationale to his girlfriend Ummita in Nigeria’s most recognized commercial city of kano for her greedy and betrayal alongside her mother based on the divergent views by those commenting on the dilemma, leaving every user in a state of eagerness to be the first to post the breaking news on his/her various social handles which at times does more harm than good to the society.

To be sincere, I am trying to be much sceptical in my analysis as expected from every good writer not to be biased on whatever topic of discussion he is focusing on, more especially of this kind by taking a particular side without giving a fair, accurate and balanced hearing for the readers to optimally understand and believe that the duo contravene doctrine of necessity through deception from the side of the victim if actually is true that Mr Geng had allegedly spent his hard earned wealth to sponsor the victim’s education in Uganda, built a mansion for her family residing at the exact location he orchestrated the sin, not to talk of providing job opportunities to two of her brothers; all with an agreement of marrying him made between the deceased, her mother and the suspect who as a man and out of anger could not resist the financial losses incurred to withstand missing the type of lady he dearly loves with all his heart at the end of the road.

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In the first instance, people may sort to find out whether the marriage agreement earlier entered into was a legal one that is signed, sealed and delivered by any court of competent jurisdiction or a lawyer for him to claim damages when the outcome turns to be sour not as his dream come true which I want to presume NO as the likely answer to emerge, because hardly a northerner succumbs to an issue of love agreement of such magnitude in a court due to the phobia of not to be known by the public.

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Perhaps, whatever seems to be the agreement either verbally or documented Ummita and her mother made a big blunder as widely speculated by marrying another person and continuing chatting with the Chinese man during the blissful marital life which led to her divorce according to findings I sought to know through my friend who dug out the rationale behind the incidence from her close friends for not believing in God that enriches whoever man he wants with wealth accumulation, a woman to get married to, bless with a child or contrary to even with all the business moguls found in Kano state if at all their wish or desire is to marry out Ummita to a white man for her to settle very well in a luxury house.

Now, the lesson on this matter is that parents with a poor and bad moral backgrounds in training their girlchild should as much as possible desist from patronising ready-made fiancees or men wishing to be their inlaws for material gains to superceed that of the spiritual obligations which may lead to a total loss of life just as in this and other similar aspects so far recorded which diminishes their respect in the eyes of the society or continue subjecting themselves into the risk of high BP which could hardly be cured at a time expect for regular intake of medication without much thoughts/thinking which is impossible by any caring mother that came across a trial of these pedigrees.

Chapter 18, verse 46 of the holy Qura’an clearly stated that “wealth and children are an adornment of the life of this world; the ever-abiding and the good works are better with your lord in reward and better in expectation” Therefore parents as those saddled with the responsibilities of taken care of the children with the little or mega resources in their pockets which many of us shun away from by allowing somebody elsewhere to finance and influence the eligibility of the so-called social status as the first step in giving a room for an outsider to intervene and of course causing maximum set back on both our religion and socio-cultural heritage which requires prompt attitudinal change for things to change for the better.

Mothers and daughters please, note that a poor man today can become rich overnight as you may wish to use your memories to recall back the people around you in their hundreds leaving hand to mouth to survive with not even a bicycle to ride before but now overloaded with cash and carry some of which is blood money which most of our sisters admires to tie a knot with while others hope to mingle with so as to feel among while having the intention of collecting their shares of the so-called monies not necessarily gathered in a legitimate manner.

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While the beautiful Ummita could be said to have luckily died in an acceptable way through a gruesome murder by her guy who would no doubt bear all her committed offences before the Almighty God but she must equally answer all the questions for cheating or betrayal to a man who had allegedly spent heavily on her and the entire family as a form of deception which is not tolerated in Islam.

Moreover, our sisters and daughters should remember the popular song by the twins’ brothers like my self but with a loving female gender as my twin’s sister Hadiza, Peter and Paul AKA P-Square titled “DO ME, I DO YOU” and parts of the chorus saying man no go vex with the video clip portraying all sorts of classical babes shakey with their sensitive parts as a good pointer for correcting Ummita’s past antecedents to serve as a deterrent to others alive.

Gabi, writes from Bauchi and can be reached via: +2348033990884 and [email protected]


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