WATCH: 10-year-old Fatima Was Born Without Hands, but She Still Writes with Her Feet

Fatima Kabir, a 10-year-old girl from Kaduna State was born with a rare childbirth disorder called Phocomelia which denied her hands, but she does all forms of dexterous tasks, including writing — with her legs.

The minor who studies at Model Primary School Chikaji, Sabon Gari Local Government Area of Kaduna State said in a video clip that she wants to become a doctor even with a disability. This, she said amid a glaring face full of hope and passion.

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However, Fatima was not enrolled in a special school, but her performance is amazing. She writes with her feet swiftly and legibly. With that zeal and commitment, she would not be seen on the streets of Kaduna begging because of her disability.

In mid-June, WikkTimes featured a Plateau-born disabled bus driver who, despite his inability to stand upright, crawls towards his bus and delivers goods across Nigerian cities.

This, he explained, makes him earn not only what can support his livelihood, but helps him secure expensive assets.


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