WikkiData: 1,897 Jigawa, Kwara, Sokoto, Zamfara Pilgrims Among Over 3,000 Airlifted from Saudi Arabia

Not less than 1,897 pilgrims from Sokoto, Zamfara, Kwara and Jigawa states were airlifted back home from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after performing 1444 (2023) Hajj.

The total number of Nigerian pilgrims airlifted back home on the second day of the flight operation is 3,044 as of Tuesday, according to the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON).

The commission explained the latest batch of pilgrims numbering 400 from Jigawa State landed back home on the eighth flight by AZMAN aircraft — ZU2347 — on Wednesday.

The airlift of the Nigerian pilgrims back home commenced on Tuesday with 426 Sokoto Pilgrims and 1 official by FLYNAS flight XY7402.

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The Sokoto first batch was followed by 387 Osun Pilgrims and 2 Officials on the same date by FLYNAS. On the same date, AIRPEACE flight APK7901 departed Jeddah to Lagos with 265 Kwara State Pilgrims, 3 FCT pilgrims and 4 Officials on the third trip.

On July 5, the airlifting began with 385 Osun pilgrims and four officials on the fourth flight by FLYNAS XY7952.

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Three hundred and seventy-three Zamfara State pilgrims made the fifth batch of FLYNAS flight XY7640 from Jeddah to Sokoto on the same date.

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The sixth batch contained the second batch of Sokoto pilgrims with 425 also on FLYNAS flight XY7814.

Another set of 382 Ogun pilgrims and five officials made the seventh batch on FLYNAS flight XY7602 before the final one by some Jigawa pilgrims as the airlifting operation continues today.

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Nigeria officially completed the airlift of its pilgrims to the holy land for the hajj operations on July 23, 2023, with a total of 73,782 in 180 total flights.

At least 13 pilgrims died in the holy land while performing the hajj.

According to the commission, 95,000 Nigerians were expected to perform this year’s hajj comprising 75,000 government and 20,000 private pilgrims.

NAHCON had earlier apologised to intended pilgrims who could not go, noting that failure to transport them was largely due to inadequate planning by the government-owned agency.


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