WIKKIDATA: Kaduna Receives N79 Billion Local Government Allocation in 2023

A data review by WikkiTimes has shown that Kaduna state received the sum of N79 billion as local government allocation in 2023. The state received its highest amount of N8.4 billion in December.

The lowest figure from the FAAC allocation was also received in March, when the sum of N5.6 billion was gotten. 

With twenty-three local governments in Kaduna , it would mean that each LGA on the average received N3.4 billion.

In July 2023, it was reported that three LGA chairmen were suspended by the state house of assembly due to mismanagement of funds.

The Value of N79 Billion

The money is more than the total budgeted personnel expenditure of the state for the 2024 fiscal year.

It is also 24% of the total budgeted capital expenditure of the state for the 2024 fiscal year. Capital expenditures are usually the development fund of a state.

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The money collected for local government allocation is 65.8% of the total internally generated revenue by the state itself.

Local government allocations are meant for grassroots development at the rural areas.

The local government allocation can cover efficiently healthcare development at the local level in the state for 2023, this is given that N41.7 billion was approved for the sector in 2023, so if the state uses a portion of the allocation for healthcare at local government level (factoring the budget for the whole year at state level), there would still be a N38 billion balance left.

The LGA allocation is also ten times what the state planned to spend on social development in 2023, with the budget of N7.9 billion for the social development sector in 2023.

The local government allocation will cover all of the capital allocation of; ministry of local government allocation (N2.3 billion), Rural water sanitation agency (N1.2 billion) , Kaduna  water regulatory commission (N23 million). After all these expenses, there will be a N74 billion left from the allocation the state received for its local governments.


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