WikkiTimes Petitions Bauchi Police, Seeks Protection For its Reporter Amid Threats by Lawmaker’s Aide

Following threats against its reporter, Yawale Adamu, from an aide of Bala Rabiu Kashuri, the lawmaker representing Jama’are Itas federal constituency, WikkiTimes petitions the Bauchi State Police Commissioner, requesting a thorough investigation into the threat.

WikkiTimes through its legal counsel, SG Idress, expressed concern for Adamu’s safety in light of the political climate and the seriousness of the threats made by the lawmaker’s aide, Mustapha Abdurrahman.

The letter urged the police commissioner to prevent the situation from escalating and to ensure the protection of free speech as mandated by law.

Abdurrahman’s threats followed WikkiTimes report on the politicized distribution of aid by the North East Development Commission (NEDC), aimed at helping the region’s poor and vulnerable cope with the removal of subsidies.

Claiming to act on behalf of the lawmaker, Abdurrahman threatened WikkiTimes reporter and his sources of severe consequences if the story was not retracted.

Abdurrahman stated that they would not tolerate reporters damaging their reputation. Abdurrahman made threatening phone calls, asserting that the lawmaker would ensure WikkiTimes reporter faced consequences.

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