Zinariya: A Hillside Jos Community Where Basic Amenities Elude Residents

Zinariya, a hillside community in Jos, Plateau state capital, has decried the desolating condition enveloping their community for years despite being within Jos Master Plan.  

BBC Hausa reports that the residents have for decades, lived on the hillside without access to basic social amenities including clean water, electricity, good roads, health care and schools despite it being centrally located in the city. 

Muhammed Musa Paki,a resident of Zinariya, while condemning the bad roads, said pregnant women in Zinariya find the road a herculean task to ply. 

Muhammed also noted the absence of a health care facility which compels the resident to seek medical attention outside their community. 

“We have to buy water sometimes, especially during dry season when our wells and boreholes dry up” he added. 


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