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Airport Authority Justifes Why Nollywood Producer Was ‘Extorted’

The management of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Two (MMA2) has reacted to an allegation by Theophilus Akatugba, the President of the Association of Nollywood Core Producers (ANCOP) who said he was extorted at the airport.

In a circulating video the producer posted on Facebook, he alleged that the management of the airport charged him N65,600 for picking up his guest in the wrong area. The producer claimed he was not aware of the rule. According to him, he was debited N32,800 twice.

In a statement released by Oluwatosin Onalaja, the head, co-operate communication Bi-Country Aviation Service Limited, the operators of Murtala Muhammed Airport, the action was taken after Akatugba was warned not to pick an individual from the drop-off zone.

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“The gentleman picked up a passenger from the said drop-off zone, even though he was cautioned and warned not to do so. Thus, he contravened clearly displayed regulations. If we allow passengers to be picked up at the drop-off zone, it will create serious traffic and probably a stampede at the terminal. Our actions are in the best interest of the traveling public. It should also be noted that the No Pick-Up law was effected at the MMA2 terminal in July 2021. It is not a new law,” it stated.

Airport Authority Justifes Why Nollywood Producer Was 'Extorted' 1
Airport Authority Justifes Why Nollywood Producer Was 'Extorted' 1

Onalaja also clarified that the company was not owned by Dr. Wale Babalakin as alleged by Akatugba.

“As admitted by the complainant, the implementation of the policy is concessioned out to a company. (This company is NOT owned by Dr. Wale Babalakin, as claimed by the complainant.),” stated Onalaja.

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On the complaint of failed transaction Onalaja said: “For many who are familiar with online bank transactions, it would be logical to understand the situation Mr. Akatugba spoke of. The debit may have left his account in all honesty, but it may as well have been delayed in reaching the destination account. Unfortunately, this network delay is a regular occurrence many can relate to. It was not a situation manufactured by BASL or Done Right, as Mr. Akatugba alleged.”

Onalaja further stated the company’s commitment to running the “best terminal in Nigeria and to improve our services, while expecting all users of the terminal to comply with the laws and regulations put in place for their comfort, safety and security. Also, in times past, our customers have experienced similar dispense errors. They cordially informed us of the situation, and we did our part to resolve it as quickly as possible. Our response to such occurrences remains unchanged.”


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