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Aspirants Reject Results Of Adamawa Southern Senatorial  APC Primaries 

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The results of the just concluded All Progressives Congress (APC) primary in Adamawa southern have been rejected by five out of six aspirants who contested the seat.

WikkiTimes learned that Adamu Samaila Numan, an ardent APC loyalist emerged as the winner in the election, but his victory was challenged by his co-contestants namely: Grace Bent, and Ahmad Abubakar Mu’Allahyidi, Bridget Zidon, Sani Jada and Bala Sanga.

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The aggrieved aspirants during a joint press briefing in Yola, the capital of Adamawa, alleged that the electoral committee “just allocated results and declare Numan as the winner”.

Speaking on behalf of his enraged colleagues, Sanga said Numan’s agents were caught engaging in vote-buying when the election started. According to him, an alarm was raised, the consequence of which forced officials to halt the exercise and advised that Numan be disqualified.

“Vote buying is a criminal offence and one of the agent was caught buying votes at the venue of the primary election,” Sanga said. ‘Hence, he is to be disqualified.”

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The aspirants were stunned to receive a text message after a consensus was reached that the election would be postponed. “We just received a text message that the election will continue by noon Sunday,” Sanga continued.

He added: “We protested and wrote to the election committee chairman that we are not ready yet but  the election took place.” For Zidon and Jada, their names were not on the ballot, WikkiTimes learned.

Reacting to the allegations, Numan said there was nothing like vote-buying during the primary election and he did not assign anyone to do so on his behalf. “They are all looser and afraid of losing the election. That is why they raised a false alarm,” he said.



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