Businesses Should Make Digital Rights and Inclusion a Priority in Nigeria

By Isa Ali Musa

Digital rights and inclusion is an issue that doesn’t get discussed enough. Yet, with the way things are currently going, it has the potential to become a much bigger problem in the future. And as someone who is passionate about technology and its ability to help people and businesses, this concerns me. There are many ways that digital rights and inclusion can be addressed in business, but there is also something special about doing so when you’re operating in Nigeria. The country has been hit with a lot of unfair reputations that have held it back for far too long. By addressing this topic from a Nigerian perspective, companies will not only be doing something good but also taking advantage of a unique opportunity to grow their businesses.

Below are five reasons why your business should make digital rights and inclusion a priority in Africa if you’re operating there or plan on expanding into the region soon.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Make Digital Rights and Inclusion a Priority in Nigeria.

Digital Rights and Inclusion is Complimentary for Business

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It’s important to understand that digital rights and inclusion are not just something that you should do because it’s the right thing to do. It’s something that you should do because it is complimentary for business. There are many reasons why this is true, but one of the most important is that digital inclusion can help you better understand the needs of your customers. This can lead to more effective management, more targeted products and services, and more data for strategy. Therefore, the more you know about what people in your community need, the better your company will be able to meet those needs and, therefore, increase its bottom line. The more you can do to encourage people and organizations to use technology, the more you’ll see it become an integral part of life and business in Nigeria. This will, in turn, lead to more and better business opportunities. By being at the forefront of digital inclusion, your company will be better equipped to take advantage of these opportunities because it will have better insight into them. This can, therefore, lead to more growth and success for your business.

An Opportunity to Grow Your Company’s Reputation

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As mentioned above, there are many reasons why digital rights and inclusion are good for business. Yet, there’s also a significant amount of reputational benefit that can come from the. By promoting digital rights, you are putting yourself in a position to take control of the narrative around your industry and the role your company plays in it. This is something that is particularly important if you’re operating in Nigeria because you’ll have the chance to break many of the unfair stereotypes that have plagued the nation’s digital ecosystem. By promoting digital rights and inclusion, you can show the world that your company is committed to serving the needs of all people and helping Nigeria catch up with the rest of the world. This can, in turn, lead to greater trust from prospective global customers and clients and, subsequently, more business opportunities in forms of partnerships for expansion.

 Commitment to Having an Equal Footing in Nigeria

While it might seem as though digital rights and inclusion are things that only global partners and governments need to be aware of, the reality is that your clients and competitors should be aware too. Nigerians need access to the same technologies, services, and opportunities that people in the rest of the world have. If your company doesn’t provide digital rights, equalities and equities, then your employees are being negatively impacted and you’re missing out on talent that could otherwise be available to you. By addressing digital gender equality and including people with disabilities and special abilities, you can show prospective employees and investors that you are committed to having an equal footing in Nigeria, Africa and globally.

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By Promoting Inclusion, You Can Help More People Become Employable

In addition to helping Nigerians get the technology that they need and giving them the opportunity to get jobs and start businesses, digital rights and inclusion can also help more people become employable. By promoting digital rights and inclusion, you can help more people get the education they need to become computer-literate and learn new skills. By promoting digital rights and inclusion, you can help to close the digital divide. This is the gap that exists between those who have access to and proficiency in using technology and those who don’t. Closing the gap is important because it can help Nigerians get the education that they need to get jobs in the 21st century. Including as many people as possible in the digital space can also help Nigerians to continue leading Africa’s Tech ecosystem.

Digital Rights and Inclusion can Help Increase the Quality of Life of Nigerians

There are many ways that digital rights and inclusion can help increase the quality of life for Nigerians. For starters, by promoting digital rights and inclusion, you can help people get the healthcare services that they need and deserve. You can also help people better communicate with loved ones through video and audio communication. You can also help people travel more efficiently by using online transportation booking services and other technologies. Additionally, by promoting digital rights and inclusion, you can help Nigerians learn about and protect the environment. You can help people become more financially secure thus improving the economy. You can also help improve education and access to information.

Isa Ali Musa, Policy Fellow, Nigerian Global Affairs Council Abuja, Nigeria.


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