Five Years After, Bauchi PHC Still Operates In Shambles

Five years after the Makarahuta Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) in Misau Local Government Area of Bauchi State was built by Senator Isah Hamma Misau as his constituency project, the facility was abandoned until earlier this month when it started operating, but in shambles.

Ideally, the facility meant to provide health services for nearly 7000 residents supposedly reduce the workload for staff at the General Hospital, Misau. But with the negligence, it suffered, the increasing population of Misau still throng the general hospital.

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According to WikkiTimes’findings, pregnant women, especially those in rural areas, have to travel miles to either the general hospital or the Township Maternity for childbirth.

The facility, completed in 2017 with taxpayers’ money, lacks not only enough staff but also the prerequisite medical equipment. According to our findings, there are only four beds in the facility, and they were donated by sister centres, according to the staff.

One of these beds is being used for child delivery, one for examining patients; and two for admission.

However, the facility, since August 1, 2022, has so far attended to over 200 patients, according to Muhammed Samanja, the officer in charge of the PHC.

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“Among these were two successful childbirth,” he told WikkiTimes. “We are only two staff posted here, the other staff are volunteers who came to help. As you can see we are operating, right now there is a patient admitted and she is being attended to.”

“We started operating with only four beds, which were donated to us by PHCs within Misau and still, we are expecting more,” Samanja added. “One bed is used in the labour room, one in my office for patients’ examinations and two are placed in the admission rooms.”


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