For Reporting to the Press, Acquaintance of Alleged Bauchi Scammer Reports Victim’s Twitter Account

A month after a social media account vendor, Lynda Nwanebu was “scammed” by one Bauchi-based Loula Sanda, the latter’s acquaintance allegedly reported the victim’s Twitter account, after failed attempts to coerce her to take down a tweet about the scam.

In a failed business transaction, WikkiTimes reported how Sanda, a social media account vendor, swindled Lynda out of N123,500.

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Lynda told WikkiTimes she paid the money for a Twitter account with over 50,000 followers, but to her dismay, the vendor failed to release the login details. In defence, Sanda claimed he was also scammed by the original owner of the account.

Afterwards, she asked for a refund, but Sanda only sent N45,000.


Last Saturday, Lynda said she woke up to see her Twitter account locked for “violating” its rules after one of her tweets was reported by a user. The account will remain locked until she deletes the tweet which Twitter says: “violates rules against posting private information.”

A few hours before the sanction, Lynda received a message from one of Sanda’s acquaintances and a business colleague, identified as Abdulrazzaq, who accused her of defaming Sanda’s character while trying to persuade her to take down the tweet.

Lynda further explained that the tweet contained details of how Sanda had scammed her a few months back. 

“I woke up this morning to a direct message, condemning me for taking the matter to the media,” she said. “He accused me of defamation of character, adding that Sanda would settle me by paying the debt if I take down the tweet.”

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“But I’m not taking the tweet down until I’m paid,” she reaffirmed. According to her, Sanda could successfully scam her but has no right to control her reactions. 

Lynda added that the tweet was reported sequel to the conversation which led to her account being locked.

Hitherto, Sanda had also threatened WikkiTimes for its report. He vowed to take the platform to court should it fail to retract the story within an hour. A month after, the story remain on WikkiTimes’ website.

At press time, attempts to gather Abdulrazzaq’s side of the story proved abortive as messages sent to him on Twitter were unattended to.


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