How Bandits Reigned Terror in Midnight Attack on Sokoto Village

Under the cloak of darkness on Friday, November 17, Bakin Gulbi village in Wamako local government, Sokoto State, witnessed a jolting disruption when bandits reigned terror in the community.

On that fateful night, 21-year-old Usman Lawal, was fleeing for his life, but he was not lucky. The terrorists killed him.

His grieving mother, Jumai Lawal, recounted the tragic events to WikkiTimes, revealing the heart-wrenching details of her son’s demise.

“Usman was outside, enjoying the night with friends when, unexpectedly, the piercing sound of gunshots shattered the calm,” she told WikkiTimes. “In a bid for safety, they all scattered. However, in the aftermath of the attack, we discovered Usman’s lifeless body shot in the head by the roadside…”

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Shattered by Bullets

Isa Abdullahi, 25, survived a gunshot wound in his shoulder. He recounted the harrowing experience, revealing that the unidentified gunmen infiltrated the village undetected for several minutes before their presence was noticed by the villagers.

Isa Abdullahi

In a bid to protect their community, he and his friends swiftly gathered stones and hurled them at the assailants. However, the attempt to deter the attackers proved futile as they retaliated with gunfire.

“We were all sitting, enjoying ourselves outside when we saw the gunmen, but we thought throwing stones could scare them, not until they began shooting,” Abdullahi explained. “We all ran away, but unfortunately, the bullet hit me in my shoulder.”

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The repercussions of the attack extended beyond personal injuries, as a nearby shop became a target for looting. Abdullahi reported. “Not only that, a nearby shop where we were sitting was burgled and all phones that people brought to charge were carted away,” he revealed.

Also, Salmanu Salihu, 22, a resident of Bakin Gulbi village, was victimized during the attack. While escorting his mother across the village river to a safer location during the attack, Salmanu noticed his mother was inadequately covered. 

Salmanu Salihu

Determined to remedy the situation, he returned to retrieve a cloth for her. Tragically, in the midst of returning to his mother’s hiding place, he was shot in the leg.

The fourth victim, Kabiru Bello, is in critical condition after he was shot in both legs. He is currently receiving treatment at Wanako Hospital, according to the locals.

‘Not the First Attack’ — Village Head

Bello Aliyu Magaji, the village head of Bakin Gulbi told WikkiTimes the attack was the first. He recalled that gunmen about eight months ago invaded the village.

According to him, the villagers are in a difficult situation. 

Bello Aliyu Magaji

His words underscored the pressing concerns for the safety and security of the residents, shedding light on a village living on the edge, grappling with the recurring nightmare of gunmen.

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“Our lives are at risk; this is not the first time we’ve faced such a threat. Eight months ago, we experienced a similar situation with unknown gunmen,” he said. “Faced with desperation, the villagers resorted to defending themselves by hurling stones, as we found ourselves without any assistance or saviours.”

Abubakar Muhammad, a police officer at the Dundaye House station in a neighbouring village within the Wamako local government, said the station received a call two hours after the attack on Friday night, emphasising that despite diligent efforts, the police officers were unable to apprehend the suspects.

“We were informed late around 12:00 am. The officers attempted to trace the suspects, but all efforts proved abortive due to delayed and insufficient information at the time,” said Abubakar.


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