Kaduna-Abuja Train: “They Have Pity In Their Hearts”- Released Captive Speaks On Abductors

One of the freed victims of the Kaduna-Abuja Train attack, Muhammed Daiyabu, who regained freedom alongside 6 others, recounts his experience of how they were treated at the terrorist den.

Wikki Times recalls that a train was attacked by terrorists along Kaduna-Abuja road on 28 March, 2022, killing passengers and abducting several others. 

In an exclusive interview with Vanguard, Daiyabu said the terrorists fed them throughout their three months stay in captivity, slaughtering six cows for them.

Contrary to viral reports on social media alleging that they were beaten and maltreated by the terrorists, Daiyabu said: “These false reports circulated in the media were causing more harm than good to the victims still in captivity. The terrorists killed about 10 snakes and two scorpions in the forest. So the information that we were beaten by snakes is false as no one was beaten by a snake.”

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He added that those who fell sick were provided with medication and even his pregnant wife was released on health grounds. 

“I will never forget what they did for my pregnant wife by setting her free. This shows that they have pity in their hearts,” he said. 

When asked about one of the captives that was earlier reported to have been shot, he answered: “he was shot in an accidental discharge by one of the captors’ children who was playing with a gun. The bullet brushed one of us on the stomach but thank God it did not go through. Our abductors were very worried when the incident happened and they apologized for it.”

While confirming the well-being of the remaining captives, Daiyabu appealed to the federal government to meet the demands of the terrorists so as to secure the release of the remaining 44 victims including four children and an 85-year-old woman who is still in captivity.


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