‘Flood Nearly Submerged My Four Children, Two Wives,’ A Darazo Man Narrates Experience

Malam Halliru Ibrahim Darazo, a father of four and husband of two in Darazo local government area of Bauchi State, has said a flood nearly consumed his family following hours of a heavy downpour that left many houses destroyed.

He said while the family was indoors, unknown to them that all the neighbourhoods have been submerged by water. “You wonder where to go and how to go about getting to where you want to because there is nothing could see but endless water body.”

Malam Halliru said the flood, which he has never something close to in the last 34 years, confined him and his family under the roof of his house which he is not sure it could withstand the flood to give his family protection from the flood.

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“I noticed that rain was pouring into my room, I ordered my wives to take our children out before the rain fill the room. On coming out, I discovered that the whole house is filled with water.

“The flood submerged my car which was parked outside.

“Over the last 34 years I have never seen such type of calamity, our houses have been destroyed, food items and other valuables flooded,” he said.

Malam Halliru said his family slept in the open space after discovering that they could not find a roof to sleep under. “I don’t even know where to get food for my family.”

Kawuwa Shehu Damina, a member presenting Darzo Constituency at the Bauchi State House of Assembly said urgent succour will be provided to the victims of the flood to ameliorate their suffering.

“We are now taking statistics of the affected places and the victims for necessary auction,” he said when he paid an under spot visit to the affected communities.


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