Prof Uba: A Quintessential Vice Chancellor

Let me start by saying Alhamdulillah to God Almighty for giving me the opportunity to write another piece after weeks without any business as usual.

Though, whoever has the idea or potentials of creative writing skills knows how much beyond money, it cost for any writer to develop his points so as to entice the readers by cracking his brain day and night simply not to miss THE FLIGHT TO HIS FINAL DESTINATION by sticking to the triple virtues of objectivity, accuracy and truthfulness.

There is no little or any argument from the global perspective on the significance aspect of education towards the human capital development of any individual, groups or society.

The popular adage which says NO NATION CAN PROSPER WITHOUT GOOD EDUCATION SYSTEM is a clear testimony that KNOWLEDGE IS A WEAPON can be used to solve many societal issues or challenges from across a village town or cities

Bauchi state as one of the six states in the northeast geopolitical zone was known to have produced well-educated people in all spheres of life such as the late SA’ADU ZUNGUR FROM THE TEACHING TERRAIN whose lessons thots and even educative songs are still in circulation from one generation to the other just as the way MUNGO PARK REMAINED IN THE MINDS OF BOTH HISTORIANS AND EDUCATIONISTS. 

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To this end, the year 2012 was a remarkable one in Bauchi state because it was a time, when the state apex owned institution, was established with the name Bauchi State University Gadau, (BASUG) during the second tenure of the former governor Isah Yuguda to breach the gap or vacuum left in terms of academic excellence in that regard where even the neighbouring Yobe State that was established in 1991 by the Gen. IBB military regime had its owned state university years back before my state of origin BAUCHI not to talk of Gombe state that was later carved out from Bauchi or even given birth by the state in 1996.

Perhaps, when the university came on board the then governor of the day decided to appoint the first vice-chancellor Prof. Izzuddin Mukhtar Abdulrahman and chairman governing council Prof. Ango Abdullahi who is still serving in that capacity all from Zaria, Kaduna State northwestern part of the country for a reason-based known to him and not that there were no capable hands from the illustrious sons of the state to man the affairs of the baby institution.

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Yes, everybody especially within the academia most has known Prof. Auwalu Uba or come across any of his publications as he wrote more than sixty scientifically articles with international recognition in both local and foreign journals as a well trained and experienced lecturer per say that had spent more than two decades in MICROBIOLOGY DEPARTMENT of the reputable federal university of technology ATBU, Bauchi which produced qualitative products that compete favourably with their counterparts globally after leaving the services of his first employer UNIMAID. In fact as a former visiting research fellow to the UNIVERSITY OF WALES SWANSEA IN UK,  Prof Uba rose through the ranks to the position of deputy vice-chancellor administration in July 2016 before his exit.

Having come from the same district with the ACADEMIC DON in Misau LGA of the state, I was in ATBU pursuing my undergraduate certificate and at the same time STUDENT UNIONIST when Prof. Uba was the DEAN STUDENT AFFAIRS DIVISION. It was During our election as the new set of Excos of the national union of Bauchi state students NUBASS in 2003/2004 session that I proved his qualities for leadership  by being patience and tolerant in waiting for the election to be concluded precisely 11:45 pm almost midnight.

However, when the result was announced I emerged winner for the position of secretary general defeating two of my opponents, a guy and a BEAUTIFUL LADY WHICH MANY OF HER SUPPORTERS PERCEIVED THE SCENT OF THE WINNING PERFUME IN HER FAVOUR DUE TO HER BEAUTY but Prof. Uba quickly hugged and even picked me up to celebrate the victory as all members of my caucus defeated the other clique.

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Believe you me, Prof. Uba’s tenure as the dean of student affairs of ATBU became the most interesting and best one since he was able to give listening ears to know-how to tackle or prevent riot by giving a quick response to students challenges at all times. IN SHORT THERE AND THEN HE WAS GIVEN A TITLE OF THE GAME CHANGER BY THE STUDENTS.

Fortunately, for Prof. Auwalu Uba he was appointed the first indigenous V.C of BASUG at the last quarter of 2017 by the former Governor M.A  Abubakar Administration which ensured the selection process was not political or biased but based on merit or excellent performance as the V.C that is now almost 4 years in office was known to be a person who maintained his principles and ideologies for not involving in partisan politics but instead concentrate on how to groom the younger generation and I quote from the contents on his WhatsApp  profile picture WE GROW BY RAISING OTHERS.

Furthermore, even with the factor of Bauchi – Katagum, a phenomenon mostly existing or playing a vital role in appointing key positions in the state or even pausing a threat to divert the attention of anybody on the hierarchy of a given MDA’S, the Prof. of microbiology was able to manage situations from all angles, putting aside the zone he comes from JUST TO DO THE NEEDFUL WITHOUT PERSONAL INTEREST BUT ACADEMIC WISE AND THAT OF THE STATE FIRST.

Bauchi state university had so far transformed to a new dimension right from his first few months of leadership as the V.C, he improved the security architecture of the institution for students and staff to sleep with their two eyes closed, training and retraining of lecturers both within and outside the country with the support of TETFUND, construction of additional faculties like that of pharmaceutical which is now fully completed and equipped with modern academic facilities  not to talk of giving 97% admission to the indigenes of the state.

Recently, the workaholic V.C entered into both local and foreign collaboration in the US to work out modalities on the provision of hundreds of volumes of textbooks from a particular university to enhance learning and teaching environment in addition to that of  OCP Africa from Morocco that came to Bauchi state for the purpose of collaborating with BASUG in research facilities on agriculture for enhanced food security.

Finally, when asked always about his dream on the BASUG, Uba will answer his dream in the next ten years is to see the varsity contributing to the socio-economic development of the state and the country at large.

Professor Uba!!! Those of us from Misau Emirate and the entire people of Bauchi state are proud of your laudable achievements and successes recorded so far. May ALLAH continue to give you more wisdom to excel in all your present and future endeavours. AMEEN. 

Adamu Yalwa Gabi is a graduate of Quantity surveying from ATBU, Bauchi.


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