Starve Cancer To Death By Looking At These Natural Ways

Disease is influenced by several factors that may or may not be in our control. Therefore, one can never be too careful on prioritizing one’s health. 

Needless to emphasize, cancer as a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body, can be as disastrous as words can describe.

It involves a malignant growth or tumour resulting from an uncontrolled division of cells. 

However, there are natural ways and effort that one can assume as precautionary measure against this deadly ailment. It is said that the best cancer cure is prevention.

It is vital to eat foods that promote stem cell growth including seafood and fatty fish, berries (black, blue, raspberry), broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts among others. The more stem cells in the human body, the lower the chance of having  cancer.

Medical practitioners encourage fasting as a viable alternative for increasing your stem cells. One can fast for 24 hours at least once a week.

Natural DNA repair also impedes the cells from mutating. Foods that amplify DNA repair includes vegetables, mangoes and greek yogurt.

It is also important to amplify DNA repair for longevity by sleeping 7 hours every day or more, exercising as well as intermittent fasting as earlier mentioned.

It is equally important to optimize gut biome through consumption of food such as fish oil, grapes, black tea and pomegranate.

A healthy gut boosts cancer immunity by boosting metabolism, controlling hormones and lowering inflammation.

Two types of foods to boost your gut health: Probiotic foods add bacteria and Prebiotic foods feed bacteria.

Cancer needs blood supply to grow because it feeds off weak blood vessels. Therefore, one needs to starve cancer by cuting off blood supply to cancer. Foods that cut cancer from your blood supply includes stone fruits, artichokes, lavender, red wine, turmeric, olive oil, berries, garlic…

Eat foods with bio actives because bio actives are part of a plant’s defense system. They serve as anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, high antioxidant and also improve cardiovascular health.


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