The Real Enemies of Bauchi State

By Sanusi Muhammad

A lot of commentaries were said on the concluded elections in Bauchi State with emphasis on the gubernatorial election. The result of the gubernatorial election is a subject of litigation. The State has a vast political scope with numerous stakeholders with varying points of view.

Few men dominated the discourse in a phantom battle for the soul of the State, which is founded more on speculation than available facts. Two of the men were the incumbent/re-elected governor, Sen. Bala Muhammed and the APC gubernatorial candidate, Air Marshal Sadeeq (rtd).

Both were very strong men. One you may want to describe as the wind, while the other, the fire. The fire, and wind adumbration of these two great persons most point to their characteristic strength but it also speaks to the modus operandi of the two great men.

While one of them will expressively move the heaven and the earth towards achieving any objective that has won his conviction, the other will summon the same momentum to achieve what he believes is in the best interest of the ordinary people but the major difference in style is that you don’t often see Sadeeq Abubakar coming. He is the wind and Sen. Bala the fire. But make no mistake, both men were tough as steel.

Bala Muhammed deployed experience, tolerance and patience to cut the wings of Sadeeq to size at the most appropriate time.
Sadeeq had wanted to be a governor at all cost not minding his deficiencies and lack of political base. He was not prepared for the game according to the rules. He overrated himself and probably rated Bauchi State as another ‘Sambisa’ or the impoverished Chad Republic where he served.

While living in an aggravated mental illusion surrounded by grave diggers and undertakers who joined his train for free feeding, other credible APC stalwarts kept their distance from the struggle watching how the drama was unfolding. The busy-bodies were living in a fool’s paradise expecting victory at ease. The situation was at the advantage of the PDP.

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Many who reason critically and have interests beyond pecuniary will tell you without equivocation that these two men are among the best things that happened to Bauchi State in the last two decades.

Those who are familiar with Bauchi State political terrain before 2019 when it was a pile of rubbles understand why Governor Bala Muhammed must always be respected. It is glaringly that it is Bala Muhammed who returned the consciousness of the social contract between the people and government. During the past years of the locusts, the people were abused to the point of amnesia and the leaders of the government of those dark days carted away the people’s patri mony including properties with little resistance.

Meanwhile, Sen Bala Muhammed on assumption of office on May 29, 2019 took to excellence in government beyond the very high standard set by his predecessors, bringing more credit to governance as a bond.

In these days of rapid evolution in information and communication technology, all that one needs is to put a call to someone who either resides in any part of Bauchi State that has a sincere mind or regular visitor to the state to confirm the feat achieved by Governor Bala Muhammed in his/her habitat within four years in a global economic recession period during Covid-19 pandemic.

Conduct a street survey in Bauchi State today on the effectiveness of Governor Bala Muhammed’s government provided you speak to the real electorate who has no selfish political interest, you are likely to get a 90 percent approval and support rating.

Sen. Bala Muhammed in truth is not a tourist in Bauchi State or its grave digger but a workaholic that believes in positive results for the good of all. The real enemies of the State are the commentators and purveyors of baseless conspiracy theories, who are blinded by their vested interests and planned to return the state to its inglorious days of underdevelopment and political thuggery as displayed during the electioneering campign.

Wonders never end as some sworn opponents of Governor Bala Muhammed before the elections, suddenly became his overnight friends and claimed to be garrison commanders in his re-election. The hatred exhibited towards Bala Muhammed by those charlatans was deeper than that of ancient Greece against Troy but suddenly pretended to be his friends to perfect their hatchet job against his interest and that of his teaming supporters across the state.

All these enemies of Bauchi State have seen the beauty of the place where the official not political working alliance between President Buhari and one of his most trusted governors, Bala Muhammed, has taken Bauchi State and they hope their lies and false allegations of conspiracy theories against Governor Bala Muhammed could truncate the journey to glory forgetting the fact that Bala Muhammed and Muhammadu Buhari were in 2007 in same party, All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP).

Bala’s detractors know that the death kernel of their politics of self-aggrandizement is engrained in his second term and they hope they can hoodwink other innocent prominent personalities to work with them to tear down the glorious house Governor Bala had labored to be building since 2007.

If Governor Bala Muhammed along with some patriots are, the same people who fought for the liberation of Bauchi State from the chains of former oppressors, then I am certain they will not condescend to the point of sending Bauchi State back into the gallows by helping hyenas find the path to Bauchi Government House even in 2027.

They have seen the vision of the greatness which Bauchi electorates saw in Governor Bala Muhammed’s play out to perfection. They watched how he has won the hearts and minds of the ordinary Bauchi State people with development projects and social services.

Some of the governor’s enduring projects include revamping of the Basic Education sub-sector through the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), regeneration of towns and cities through massive infrastructure development; reforms in the civil service, comprising steady payment of salaries and migration to the contributory pension scheme and development of affordable housing among several others.

Most of the projects, especially the road projects, dot cities and towns in Bauchi State and endeared the governor to the people.
The discontinuation of these legacies is the target of the enemies of Bauchi State, who are beating the drums of war in the State and hoping that Bala’s teaming supporters may eventually dance to their evil tune which they refused in unison.

But as Governor Bala Muhammed has severally asserted, there is no rift between him and any person, he only believes in paying attention to the noble objective of transforming Bauchi State through the cooperation and loyalty of all. So, these merchants of hate are doomed to fail as usual. As enemies of Bauchi State development, they stand no chance in enthroning reign of chaos in the State. Bauchi people want continuation of development. That is why they will continue to always stand by Bala Muhammed anytime so that he can consolidate on his developmental strides and enthrone the extremely bold vision he has for Bauchi State his ancestral home.

Muhammad is a commentator on national issues.


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