After WikkiTimes’ Story, Zenith Bank Frees Freelancer’s Withheld Dollars

Following WikkiTimes’ story detailing how Zenith Bank, for three months, withheld $53:19 belonging to Joselph Eka, an Akwa-Ibom-based freelancer with ClickWorker, the bank has allowed him access to his money.

Eka told WikkiTimes yesterday that the bank released the dollars last Friday.

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“I am grateful to WikkiTimes for showing its concern,” he said, adding he was called to the bank to claim his momey.

“I didn’t receive the alert. My current dollar account is not connected to my phone and I do not normally get alerts,” he said.

He further added that he had withdrawn the money through the bank’s counter.

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Prior to WikkiTimes’ report, Eka had been denied access to his three-month salary paid in dollars by his company.

However, the bank declined him access to the money, saying the transaction had to be scrutinised even after he presented a letter from his company.


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