Don’t Vote For Me When I Seek Re-election—Senator Bulkachuwa Tells Job Seeker Requesting His Help

Senator Representing Bauchi North Senatorial District, Adamu Mohammed Bulkachuwa has blasted one Tijjina Marafa, a job-seeking youth who called him to request his support.

In an audio record obtained by WikkiTimes, Bulkachuwa was heard telling Marafa not to vote for him when he seeks re-election.

“Marafa, you have been disturbing me with unnecessary calls; who is going to die…I thought the call is to tell me who is dying so that I can go to my Library to pick extra soul and give you to offer the person so that we can prevent him from dying”, Bulkachuwa was allegedly heard telling Marafa.

“My distinguished, I just called to tell you that I have been offered a wife”, Marafa tells Bulkachuwa.

“If you have been offered a wife, therefore I should stop my work to listen to you that you have been offered a wife”, Bulkachuwa queried Marafa.

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Marafa told the lawmaker that he informed him of the development so that Senator Bulkachuwa would bless him, but the senator said he would tell the Chief Imam of Giade to do the prayers, instead.

In the ensuing drama between Marafa and Bulkachuwa, the job seeker insisted on reminding the Senator about a job request he submitted earlier, asking Mr Bulkachuwa to help him get a job.

“I have told you that it’s not my responsibility to get you a job; I’m not going to do that and I have told you from the very beginning when you initially called me”, Bulkachuwa continued.

“I don’t know how to get you a job; just because I’m your senator doesn’t mean I must get you a job; Wazirin Giade and some Judges were in my house yesterday, I asked them to look for you to warn you to stop disturbing me”, Bulkachuwa was heard telling Marafa angrily.

When Marafa told Mr Bulkachuwa that he hails from Azare and not Giade as the senator insinuated, Bulkachuwa says; “Even if you are from Azare, why would you continue to disturb me”, he asked.

“I beg you in the name of God, anytime I seek re-election, don’t vote for me. What kind of stupidity is this? So, because you people have voted for us, it doesn’t mean you have bought us and therefore we are your slaves”, Bulkachuwa added in anger.

Marafa responded by telling the senator; “Even if you are not my representative, in your capacity, you have what it takes to help me, and that is the only motivation why I’m calling you; the call is not to denigrate you as you insinuated.

“I honestly don’t see why this simple request of mine would rattle you, but since it appears you are furious, I sincerely apologies”, Marafa told the lawmaker.

WikkiTimes contacted several sources to authenticate the validity of the audio. “It’s true; the exchanges between them actually took place”, a source familiar with the issue told this medium.

Calls and text messages sent to the senator by WikkiTimes’ reporter were not responded to as of press time.


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