Fuel Scarcity: Nigerians Against Nigerians

By Muhammad Umar Shehu & Dangana Henry Joseph

Average and poor masses in this country have continue to lament on the continues fuel scarcity in the country which have continue to bit harder in the country.

Despite assurance by the group managing director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation that the fuel scarcity would be over last week, marketers of the products have continue to hide the the products thereby exposing the masses into untold hardship.

The issues of fuel scarcity in the country is a mere wickedness of Nigerians to Nigerians, it is a problem cause among us and not by a foreigner.

Going by the circumstances surrounding the scarcity of fuel in the country one would easily conclude that it is a deliberate plan of marketers of the products to regulates within themselves on how they will be selling the products.

Today as citizens are going out to buy fuel, you find out that among the petroleum stations in a particular place only one station would be selling, then the next day you see a different one selling fuel.

This act is a deliberate one done just to cause the masses untold hardship.

A driver yesterday in Jos confides on us that truly if all fuel stations would be sincere and open all their stations without withholding the commodity the issues of fuel scarcity would be a thing of the past.

Yes, Nigerians are suffering at this very hard situation because of the scarcity of fuel the country is facing and our marketers are the cause of all this since they have the fuel but they plan not to sell it to the general public.

This plan by the marketers is absolutely a set up to generate more profits which is Nigerians against Nigerians and it sort not to happen in this way because even if you didn’t suffer from this fuel scarcity one way or the other your friends, relatives and families they may suffer in this hard situation so why choose to make life miserable for your brothers.

This is a right time we battle together and bring an end to this menace of fuel scarcity that is being imposed to our fellow Nigerians by some people with vested interest, people who only care about their personal interests without thinking about the danger they will put others in.

The federal government through NNPC has assured us of more than 1 billon litres of fuel in stock, but then, why is it that fuel scarcity keep on without ceasing? Though we resulted this menace to our fuel marketers because they have the fuel in their filling station but they intend not to sell.

The motorists and the fellow Nigerians are suffering because of the scarcity in fuel and if care is not taking this matter will result to something else that we are not praying so we deemed it necessary to call on the authorities in charge to pleases and bring and end to this issue of fuel scarcity in the country.

This issue of fuel scarcity in the country can bring ample of problems to our daily activities such as increase in foodstuff, transportation fee and other related issues like that.

Marketers should know that we are all Nigerians, and what goes around, comes around.

Therefore, the unity of this country is better than our own individuals and selfish interest.

Muhammad Umar Shehu and Dangana Henry Joseph
Can be reach [email protected] 08035794769 [email protected]


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