White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria Demands Use Of Self-Care Products Available In Bauchi PHCs

The White Ribbon Alliance of Nigeria (WRAN) has in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health advocated for the use of self-care products now available in all Primary Healthcare Centers and pharmacies in Bauchi State.

The move is geared towards easing the difficulties residents of hard-to-reach communities encounter in their quests to access basic healthcare services.

According to WRAN, women in remote rural Bauchi communities can now access family planning and HIV preliminary testing kits, without necessarily crossing rivers and streams to access the services.

“For women, the ability to be equipped with the information and tools to manage their sexual and reproductive health needs in the comfort of their home is a key means of promoting her health and family’s wellbeing.

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“Self-care is an informed approach to using home remedies as part of a health plan as prescribed by a qualified healthcare provider – this is entirely different from taking self-prescribed medications, which is usually done without consulting a qualified healthcare provider. Self -prescription is very risky and can lead to serious medical complications and even death

“For women that have been prescribed to take injectable contraceptives, there is now no need to go to the hospital every three months. Self-care products cover Pre & Post pregnancy kits, Ovulation prediction kits (OPK), Male/Female Condoms, Home-based Pregnancy test kits, Family planning and others,” WRAN said.

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The White Ribbon Alliance, a member of the National Self-Care Network with Bauchi State as its focus area, said component services of self-care will prevent the prevalence of diseases while promoting the well-being of the people at the grassroots.


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