Young Bauchi-born Tech Enthusiast, Tilde Develops iOS App

Rayyan Tilde, a Bauchi-born tech guru has developed an iPhone Operating System (iOS) application, Diwan, to allow iPhone users access the poetic works of a renowned Senegalese Sufi scholar, Ibrahim Niasse.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, the application has a green area that enables users to navigate from one poem to the other. Similarly, a user can tap on a red bar provided to access the previous page.

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“You can access the personalization centre by clicking the chevron-down button on the homepage,” Tilde tweeted.

“I’m pleased to announce that I have designed the first Diwani app that’s tailored specifically for iPhone — with a design that is coherent throughout the app, which allows for a wide range of personalization.

“It is a distillation of what most of us love about the Android versions but with a design that is minimal and well refined in the service of the user, giving you access to all the poems without the need to plough extensively through the entire app,” he added.

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According to the young tech guru, android phone users will be able to access the app on Play Store in a few days, while iPhone users can easily access it on the App store.

“This couldn’t have been possible without the effort that was made by members of Ahlul-Ihsan. They took their time to arrange the poems in a simplified manner, which made the design more simpler,” Tilde acknowledged.


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