Cancer Victim’s Family Got N6,000 Out of N500,000 Surgical Bill, but Niger First Lady’s Foundation Says It Can’t Help

A 21-year-old lady in the ancient city of Mokwa, Niger State, Hasiya Ahmed, has been bedridden for the past seven months after sustaining a leg injury that later turned into “local cancer.”

Hasiya developed pains in her knee joint area and it gradually became rigid, according to Abass Wabi, a health personnel who is trying to raise funds for the family.

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She was initially admitted to Mokwa General Hospital where she was transferred to Federal Medical Centre in Bida. According to Abass, the leg was x-rayed at FMC.

Medical officers in the centre later told her family she will undergo surgery and it will cost them N500,000.

A picture of the X-ray

While they solicit funds, Hasiya’s survival is heavily on medications. But the costs of the drugs had drained the family. They are now cash-strapped and the fundraising also is not yielding the desired result. They only got N6,000 out of N500,000.


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“With all those medications, no improvement was recorded on the victim’s pained leg,” Abass told WikkiTimes, “The family later resorted to the herbal treatment which compounded the young girl’s pains and had to return to Mokwa because of inadequate funds. Her condition is now too bad.”

According to him, the young girl is already losing her voice, noting that her poor father has nothing left to further her treatment.


Abass, who believes the girl is suffering from local cancer, said the family is pleading with relevant humanitarian organisations to help their daughter escape the turmoil.

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“The family is incapacitated to take care of her bills and FMC is the nearest hospital to access but the girl’s family does not have the funds to take care of her,” Abass said. “We just need FMC or National Orthopedic Hospital Dala, Kano State to undergo surgery of her.”

X-ray result

“At some point, the family presumed to amputate the victim’s leg but had no money to do that,” Abass explained. “Someone had to help and inject her because the condition is getting worse.”

Ailing Hasiya

When contacted, a representative of RAiSE Foundation, a not-for-profit organization owned by Niger State First Lady, Dr Amina Abubakar,  said that the foundation does not cater for leg cancer.

“RAiSE foundation doesn’t support knee cancer,” he said, adding that the only intervention they do is breast and cervical cancer. In addition, it claimed that it did not know of any sister organizations that might help the girl.

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However, WikkiTimes contacted Mainstream Foundation, a corporate social responsibility outfit of Mainstream Energy Solutions Limited in Kainji, Niger State, and it advised that the victim’s family should send a proposal.

“They need to send us a proposal and the management will get to you,” a female responder told WikkiTimes.


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