Female Journalist Suffers Police Brutality in Katsina — Company Denies Knowing Her

Ruqayya Aliyu Jibia, a female journalist with Tambarin Hausa TV has narrated to WikkiTimes her experience with men of Katsina Police Command who “waylaid” and “brutalized” her for criticizing them. Stunningly, the media organisation denied knowing her.

The journalist, who spoke to WikkiTimes from hidden on Wednesday, May 23, said the operatives led by the command’s spokesperson, Isah Gambo, waylaid her and dragged her to Katsina Emir’s palace on Monday. She said the police seized her phone and injured her hand. 

Ruqayyah added that the emir ordered that she should be kept in police custody. She would later be released on bail after spending five hours in custody. 

This came after she condemned the command for publicly parading some women who were accused of prostitution. They were paraded alongside suspected phone snatchers.

She said: “I made a video on my Tiktok asking the police why they were parading the ladies as prostitutes without evidence that they had committed the offense. I reasoned that as future mothers, the girls need some dignity and so the police shouldn’t display them to the public as prostitutes because there is no established court judgment as they are just suspects.

“I was on my way when the police led by Gambo Isah stopped me, entered my car and even he (Gambo Isah) confiscated my other phone and broke it. In the process of confiscating it he fractured my finger. They then dragged me to Katsina Emir’s palace where they told the Emir that I was the one sabotaging their efforts and the Emir told them to have me remanded,”said Rukayya.

WikkiTimes could not immediately hear from the Katsina Emirate as a text sent to its spokesman, Ibrahim Bindawa, had not been responded to as of press time.

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This was not the first time Ruqayya had a scuffle with the police over their operations.

In September, 2022, she posted a video on Tiktok  about one Abba Kala who was arrested for alleged armed robbery by the command’s operatives.

The journalist said she was invited to a press briefing at the Katsina Police headquarters where Kala who was called by the police to confess, vehemently denied allegations leveled against him.

The suspect challenged the police to provide evidence of crime against him.

Ruqayya claimed that Kala’s protest compelled the police to steer him away from the pressmen and ordered the press men to “off camera”.

“I am not a thief. I have never been caught stealing. But they are just trying to violate my rights,” Kala had said.

He added: “I am calling on all police officers in Katsina to show me one single car that I stole at any given time. They claimed that I have been part of armed robbery in the past. But I have never committed any crime.”

The suspect, however, admitted he was an ex-convict in a gay rape and phone smuggling case. According to him, he was later acquitted by the court.


Spokesman for the command, Gambo, in a Twitter thread, said Ruqayya had on several occasions attacked the command on Tiktok for wrongdoings and condemned the command for publicly parading suspects.

He said: “My attention has been drawn to frivolous allegations made by one Ruqayya on TikTok. At the beginning I have no intention of joining issues with her since I believe she is looking for cheap popularity to gain followers through her social media handles, especially the TikTok.

“But For the avoidance of doubt, I want to set the records straight. Ruqayya has been using her social media handles to maliciously attack the Nigeria Police Force. You may recall that sometimes in 2022, the KTS Police command, succeeded in busting a notorious syndicate of armed robbers leading to the arrest of their king pin one a k.a. ABBA KALA and his team and recovery of over 13 stolen motor vehicles.

“He was charged to court on 7 different F.I.Rs High courts in KTS now in prison. But to our utter amazement Ruqayya came out, through her TikTok and attacked the police that Abba Kala was so innocent that the police lied.” he said. 

“The command out of maturity refused to join any issue with her on that matter because of her naivety. But recently the KTS metro was faced with incessant attacks by Kauraye, phone snatchers and other crimes. 

“The command swung into action and raided criminal hideouts, including brothels, which led to the arrest of 72 suspected persons. 4 young women suspected to be sex workers were among those arrested and paraded before the Press. Ruqayya did not appreciate the efforts of the NPF nipping at the bud, the crimes disturbing the community but took to her usual TikTok and continued to rant at the police for arresting and parading the women.”


Gambo admitted to taking the journalist to the Emir’s place. 

“Subsequently, at a security meeting, I reported her conduct to our traditional father, the Emir and in Katsina, and the north in general, we uphold traditional values and institutions above every other one. His Royal Highness directed that she be invited but Ruqayya refused police invitation, dragged with police officers who exercise restraint, despite abuse and videos.

“She was recording the police. She took them places and kept following her. Before she later decided to follow the police. The Emir, as a father, counseled her and directed Area commander Metro to investigate the matter. She called her lawyer and made a statement.

“She was released on bail but decided to jump bail and escaped police investigation. She then decided to take to her usual place, TikTok where she has been scouting for sympathizers, alleging that her life is under threat. Nobody is looking for Ruqayya to arrest because she was released on bail to a reliable surety and in the presence of her attorney. 

“Hausawa nacewa ciki da gaskiya wuka bata Huda shi. Ruqayya should learn to be humble and respect the rule of law. Nobody is above the law,” Gambo tweeted.


AMASIS Broadcasting Services, the owners of Tambarin Hausa TV, in a press release issued on May 25, denied knowing Ruqayya.

The organisation claimed she was not its staff. But WikkiTimes understands the platform is trying not to step on toes.

“The management of Tambarin Hausa Television after thorough investigation of the video, it reached to a conclusion that the station disassociates itself from the video where she claimed to be a reporter of the station, in Katsina State.

“In view of the above, AMASIS Broadcasting Limited owners of Tambarin Hausa Television stated categorically that Rukayya Aliyu Jibia is not a staff and correspondent of Tambarin Hausa Television in Katsina State.

“In that effect, any media organization, security agency, individual and corporate organization that engages her in whatever dealing does it at its own risk.”

A day before the platform issued the statement, WikkiTimes contacted Abdulkadir Ibrahim, the News Director at Tambarin Hausa TV, and he confirmed Ruqayya works with the platform. He went further to share her contact with our reporter via a text message.

However, Ruqayya shared her appointment letter with WikkiTimes including her identity card today. When contacted again, the News Director, Ibrahim, said: “She is our former reporter, but now she is not with us.”


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