Kaduna Fabrics Dealer Struggles to Get Her N15,000 Hanging Between Opay, Zenith Bank

A Kaduna-based fabrics dealer, Maimuna Audu, has narrated how she lost N15,000 using an Opay debit card at a Zenith Bank in Kaduna State.

“On the 29th of July, I attempted to withdraw cash from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) using an Opay debit card,” Maimuna told WikkiTimes. “I was debited, but no cash was dispensed. I waited for 24 hours for a reversal but I wasn’t credited.”

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Maimuna further explained that she needed the cash for other transactions. 

When she visited the bank in Kaduna, Maimuna was told that the bank could not do anything about the transaction glitch.

“I contacted customer support, and they responded with the usual ‘we are sorry, resolution on the way… At some point, they stopped responding to me when I contacted them.

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“I visited their office in Kaduna, the staff there said there is nothing they could do, saying it is from the head office,” Maimuna said.

Further, Maimuna said she also contacted the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NIDC) — an agency responsible for licensing Fintech in Nigeria — but only received an automated response.

Maimuna, however, explained that she got an Opay POS machine a year ago to support her fabrics business. 

“I operate the POS together with my business. Though I have experienced some other issues and incurred losses that are bygone,” she said. “This particular transaction and their customer’s support are quite annoying.”

All efforts to speak with Opay and Zenith Banks customer care services were fruitless. The fintech platform and the bank, did not respond to an equiry sent by WikkiTimes.


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