Mother of Two-Year-Old Pleads Soludo for Help Over N650,000 Medical Bill

A mother of a two-year-old baby in Anambra State has pleaded with the state’s governor Charles Soludo over the staggering medical bill after her being hospitalised.

Imabong William was told to pay a sum of N650,000 at Zion Hospital, Nawfia.

This was after after her landlady, Amaka Okonkwo, on August 7 allegedly poured scalding water mixed with pepper on her over a rent dispute.

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Currently in police custody, the landlady’s actions have left William in dire straits, facing not only physical pain but also financial difficulty in paying the hospital bill. .

William, a trader from Akwa Ibom State, revealed her plight, stating that the hospital had ceased medication for over a month due to her inability to settle the accumulating bills.

In addition, William has sought urgent assistance from Soludo’s wife Dr. Nonye Soludo, and the Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare, urging them to intervene in her critical situation

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“I have been in the hospital for over three months, though I’m getting healed gradually but I still feel pain. The doctor brought my bill last month and it has accumulated to N650,000. I’m a trader, I do not have money anywhere to pay the bill which was why the hospital stopped giving me any medications and treatment. I called the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare because they brought me here,” she said.

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Despite her gradual healing, she expressed deep concern for her two-year-old child, exposed to potential health risks in the hospital environment.

“I’m really confused. Even to feed has been difficult and my two-year-old baby who is staying with me in the hospital is not safe because she can contract disease here,” she said..

Amid the distressing circumstances, a hospital staff member, who asked not to be named, disclosed the drastic step taken to relocate William to a maternity ward and halt medication to prevent further accrual of her medical debt.

As William fights for justice and recovery, the spotlight turns to the leaders and compassionate individuals who can make a difference in her harrowing ordeal.


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