Nigerian Hair Stylist Trafficked to Morocco Turns Sex Worker, Reveals 500 Men Slept with Her

A Delta-born woman simply identified as Ade has narrated how she was sexually abused by 500 men in Morocco while en route to Europe for a better life.

Speaking to BBC Hausa, Ade said she was deceived by a colleague who lured her to take the dangerous journey with a promise that life there is full of potential.

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“Like me, I have stayed in Magnia for like two months. I left home when I was 26 years I have spent like six years in the camp alongside countless women like me who were lured into this life,” she said. “We were forced to dance in front of men led by their leader whom they called ‘Oga’. After dancing they used to select a woman that suits them and sexually abused her without any form of protection like a condom. Even if you get pregnant no one care about you. They even beat us after satisfying their sexual urge.”

She revealed they were being fed twice a day — one around 12 noon and the other by 1 am — saying a lot of them died as a result of hunger and physical assault.

Ade explained she was a hair stylist in Nigeria before being ghost-tripped to Europe.

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“Normally I don’t want to leave Nigeria, but someone told me rather am going to Europe and that his sister is doing the same hair saloon business there and that the Europeans like the way we are doing our work and they pay high,” she said. “I was taken to Oron in Algeria where I spent two months there, then moved to Magnia in Morocco where we were taken to a place called school. I nearly died in the car that took us there because we were compacted like sheeps in there.”

“We finally arrived in Casablanca, I was taken to a Nigerian woman from Delta State whom I will be paying three thousand Euros for staying with her. I told her I don’t have the money and she said I have to be a prostitute to raise the money for the expenses incurred in bringing me here and that is how I became a prostitute. I can’t count the number of men I have sex with, but they are over five hundred because they used to come all the time and I have to raise the money,” Ade relived.


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